Soham Suite

Soham is Prism’s flagship application catering to brokerage back offices. In brokerages where Soham is installed, their organization and people are aligned around Soham as it plays a central role right from customer acquisition process to settlement of his trades and accounting. Soham caters to both, Institutional & Retail business and Multiple Exchanges and Segments like Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Mutual Funds, SLB and FX.

It is a Multi Entity application too which means it enables brokerages to run operations of multiple companies in one application and have a single database. This alone helps brokerages derive significant synergistic benefits where reports are needed across entities.

It helps brokerages reconcile and settle their client’s/ franchisees/ sub broker’s obligations on one side and with the clearing corporation on the other.

It is a user friendly application with the following broad features –

  • Common Masters maintaining a golden copy of all data. No data duplication
  • Robust trade & contracts generation module meeting rigorous demands of institutional buy side for years; STP file generation & auto digital signing and mailing of all contract notes
  • Extremely robust risk management system. Brokerage knows exactly where it is standing at all points of times
  • Stock & Margin Settlement & accounting – complete integration with Depository Participant back office reducing need for manual intervention to a minimum
  • Powerful BI – User defined reports eliminates dependency on vendor for new reports and/ or customization of old reports

Soham has adequate audit trails, backup and data locking facilities expected of any global back office system. It has integration with SMS gateways to keep the end clients informed of all credits and debits and is actually effective in removing dependency on too many people to run your back office operations.

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