Soham AMS

SOHAM AMS is back office software for Asset/ Portfolio Managers and Hedge Funds. Managing portfolios in Soham AMS makes life easy for fund managers as portfolio of any number of clients can be closely monitored with different screens and graphical reports through single application minimal resource.

Soham AMS supports various instruments such as equities, derivatives, Futures and Options, Fixed Income securities like bonds, time deposits etc. Settlement of derivative, equity trades etc. happens through different screens which makes life easier.

  • System performs back office operations for Asset Managers like
    • Calculating daily NAV
    • Generate different reports for investors
    • Record various trade entries etc.
  • System loads exchange rates from custom sources. It also provides over 25 types of reports for various reporting requirement
  • System helps investors to handle multiple currencies for transactions in multiple banks.
  • Accounting features include Profit and Loss statement generation, Cash flow statement, General ledger entries for main fund and sub class.
  • System can download trades data from broker terminal automatically. It can save reports to PDF, HTML, MS excel etc.
  • AMS maintains Data log and Audit logs as required in International Markets.