Abacus is a cloud based personal investment management software application that eliminates the time spent by Individual Investors for investment record keeping. Abacus maintains records of stock, bond and mutual fund transactions and automatically computes capital gains and losses using approved accounting methods. Abacus also tracks cash accounts, other assets and liabilities along with investment income from interest, dividends, rents, royalties, etc. Abacus is designed on windows platform and capable of handling a multi user and multiple entities.

Abacus helps you manage investments by maintaining separate accounting for different portfolios. It is easy to set up portfolios for what-if analysis and much more. The report lets you export each report to include any combination of portfolios over any range of dates.

Abacus helps you analyze investments and potential investments


Salient Features:

  • Cloud based application. NO maintenance required
  • Easy switch over between member and financial accounting years
  • Supports multiple markets & various asset classes like equities, derivatives, bank fixed deposits, mutual funds, etc.
  • Integrated complete financial accounting module including Personal Accounting, Assets Management, Investment Management, Capital Markets and Mutual Funds Trade & Investment Management
  • Download closing prices directly from exchange website
  • Integrates with Soham backoffice for Brokers.
  • Investment portfolio reporting like transactions, holdings, capital gains, performance etc.
  • 50+ customized and Detail Report that can be quickly generated at any time – whether for taxation purposes, or for their own information. All Report can be a Date wise, year wise, Family Member wise or Family wise. Year-end Closing

Facility to save all the reports in a file format and modify/ delete the same on later stage.

Abacus keeps you informed on the performance of both individual investments and entire portfolios. It automatically computes both the rupee value and annualized yield of unrealized capital gains, so you can quickly tell the winners from the losers. And AbacusX tracks and charts the net worth of your portfolios, so you will always know if you are meeting your investment objectives.