International Brokerage

Prism offers multiple back office products like JSoham /SohamAMS and SohamPMS as per the business needs for International brokerages who are trading on exchanges as well as Over-the-counter. Its eminent products have powered the back office operations in International brokerage Industry.

Prism’s products are designed as per industry standards. International Brokerages where Prisms back office solutions are installed have made all trade settlements framed in an organized and efficient manner. Also quick trade reports and other reports required by the business across the globe have helped in customer acquisition and create a bonding with their clients for getting the trades settled efficiently.

Its Eminent features include:-

  • It handles multiple segments like Equities, FX Derivatives, Futures and Options, Commodities, Fixed Income Securities like Bonds, Time Deposits etc.
  • Multi currency and multi Products for transactions done in multiple banks
  • Settlement of Derivative, Equity trades, etc through different screens which makes life easier.
  • Trade allocations to allocate trades in different sub accounts and trade conversion for converting the instruments from ADR/GDR to Equities and vise versa.
  • Generate hassle free trade reports, reports for financial accounting, trade allocations, positions, holdings, as well as profit and loss statements which are required by clients across the globe.
Its user friendly interface for back office solutions makes Prism back office solutions an essential product in International markets. International Brokerages powered with Prism’s products makes the business to get the back office operations accomplished efficiently.